Why Us?

There are so many reasons!

The cheapest price to summit Kilimanjaro

Indeed, Summit Kilimandjaro Tours is a local agency based in Moshi. It's not an international one based in Europe or US. We'll try to make your climb for less than 1000€ including the trekking permit, which cost 700$! So as you can understand, you'll pay us 300$ to cover the food, pay the main guide of the expedition, the chef cooker, the guides and the porters.

We are transparent at 100%

You will get the details of everything. You will be able to see the distribution of the money you'll pay. For us, it's really important to build a strong relation based on trust between us and you.

We are friendly and we consider you as our family

We are not taking you as our client but a friend and part of our family, we do our services friendly and in a family way. With our team you will enough talk and get to know more about Kilimanjaro, Tanzania and Africa as well.

A real quality service

Our team is professional and well prepared. We will provide perfectly everything!

A safe and secure climb

We will go to the summit together, and we'll go down together also! Don't be worry!

A free walk in Moshi Town with us

Before or after the hikking we can have some time in Moshi Town and enjoy the city with you, where we can get a chance to have some local foods and see people's activities in Moshi Town. It is amazing and enjoyable.